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Date Coaching

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Are you ready to finally find the Love of Your Life?

Wondering how to find your perfect match?

Tired of dating around and settling for less than what you really want?




As a Matchmaker and Date Coach, I am continuously asked how to attract your soulmate and live the life you desire with a special person. Many of my clients tell me they prefer to be single then to be in a relationship of convenience. That being said, they feel as though their life would be more complete in the right relationship but don't have the tools to attract the right kind of mate in their life. We offer several packages of coaching that you will find suitable for your needs anywhere in the world via Skype or telephone. We are passionate abot helping people find love. We help you make leaps in your love life!


                                                                                                                                                              Natacha Noël,

                                                                                                                                                              Absolute Matchmaker and Dating Expert

Not sure where to start?
Call for a free 15-minute clarity call that will change your life and let us direct you to the coaching or matchmaking program which will get you in a relationship.


Group coaching
Self-study coaching
Individual coaching
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What is coaching?


In short, it’s a collaborative process, in which we help you define, speak out loud, and strategically move toward

what you really want in life. We will help you find success as you define it - and deserve it!


How will you help me do that? 


Bringing to our relationship your coach’s personal, professional and educational experience allows

him/her to utilize many skills in your work together.


  • We listen to you - not for judgment but for understanding

  • We ask questions that allow you to think in new and revealing ways

  • We motivate, encourage and support you every step of the way

  • We share resources that will assist you and provide good information

  • We help you reveal, define and then focus on your true passions and dreams

  • We co-create a supportive structures and environments in your life - ones you can count on

  • We hold you to your inner highest standard - accountable to your personal best!


Who uses a coach?


Individuals, families, small companies, large corporations and....YOU!

Coaching is found in every industry and situation you can imagine.

Life provides an abundance of circumstances, coaching provides and abundance of support.


Successful coaching clients typically have just a few factors in common-


  • They are willing to ask questions and challenge perceptions.

  • They are willing to reveal the truth, learn from it and take action.

  • They have a vision, although frequently clouded, of a better life.

  • They are highly functioning, intelligent people with a desire to realize their best.

Welcome to


Upscale Matchmaking and Personal Search

Live Life, Experience Love!


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