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High-End Matchmaking for
High-Value Men and Women 
We create Power Couples!
Our exclusive matchmaking agency is dedicated to finding your perfect match!
We help serious and commitment minded single men and women meet their life partner
 through a very selective search process.

Are you looking for the One? We know dating can be time consuming and we don't want your partner searching to be a painful activity so we take care of all the screening. We do not compromise on attraction so you will meet candidates that are compatible on all aspects.


We understand the successful man's needs and we scout for the most beautiful, sweet, intelligent and financially stable

women that are eligible to date.


Our executive matchmaking was designed for those with the highest standards and needs in mind. Our clients are in the top 5% in their field and seek the finest women who want to enter a long term relationship. You can discuss your needs with a matchmaker, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding your match.


There is no greater happiness in life than to share what you work so hard for with the right person.

We have a database of over 5000 singles and we are ready to match you immediately.​

about us

Welcome to the home page of internationally renowned matchmaker Natacha Noël!

The exclusive and most preferred matchmaker with over 15 years of unparalleled success and proven track record of lasting matches, thousands of happy clients and couples and A+ business rating!



Natacha Noel offers an upscale boutique matchmaking firm dedicated to provide unsurpassed matchmaking services where we are committed to finding a significant other through an unparalleled networking experience for those looking to meet singles in Metropolitan cities predominantly Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Miami, New York, Los Angeles or for anyone willing to date other singles who reside in metropolitan cities in Canada and . Meet exceptional singles inside or outside our confidential database.​ We achieve excellence through exclusive confidential personalized matchmaking, coaching services, individualized mixers or matchmaking Club Gala's events and monthly sumptuous cocktails.


Your experience with our company has been carefully designed so that you will meet interesting, compatible people of the opposite sex with the hope of ultimately achieving your Absolute relationship goals. We value our members and offer our service to bring more meaning, balance and pleasure to your life. We lead the way for busy professionals in search of a soul mate who proves difficult to find on your own.

What makes Natacha Noël's matchmaking services different from other matchmaking services?


We offer a personalized search based on pre-approved match criteria. We are not a typical dating service, we act as headhunters for love.


We will work towards finding you the perfect match through one on one coaching during your membership. Members agree to communicate with their matchmaker periodically and report the status of their dating process leading to a relationship.

We are exclusive, private and confidential.


Our clients are professionals with exciting lives and careers. They are educated and abide by simple yet profound life standards.

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Upscale Matchmaking and Personal Search

Live Life, Experience Love!


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