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Individual coaching



Interested in one of the programs below?

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Online Dating
Skype/Phone Date Coaching

Rates will depend on the coach and can vary from $100-$250/ hour

60 mins          Success sessions and date coaching


Book your free 30 minute phone consultation to learn more about coaching.

speed dating
Email Date Coaching


Get all your dating questions answered and advance towards your goals.

Ask Natacha Noël 4 questions via email.

montreal dating
Absolute Makeover

12 week date coaching program


One-on-one with Natacha Noël:

$4 000.00

In group:

$2 000.00

Session #1: Relationship goals

Session #2: Retraining your Subconscious

Session #3: Uncovering my top beliefs

Session #4: My Values

Session #5: How to sort high quality matches from low quality matches

Session #6: Solvable vs Unsolvable Relationship problems

Session #7: Experiencing my requirements

Session #8: My Dating Plan

Session #9: Dating Traps

Session #10: Four Steps for Breakthough date coaching

Session #11: Ghosting, Flakes and Disappearing Men

Session #12: Negotiations 


Want to know more or not sure if it's for you? Book a free clarity call HERE

montreal dating
Absolute Makeover

8 week date coaching program

or 2 day Intensive

Session #1: How to express you needs and desires

Session #2: How to break past behavioural patterns and turn the page after a rupture

Session #3: Personal challenges

Session #4: Dating Hierarchy from The One Night Stand to Marriage

How to test a man or woman to know if you can have a significant relationship with him or her.

Session #5: Dating Code of Conduct

Who Pays? How much to spend? How not to send mixed messages?

How to be honest with your intentions without turning the other person off

How to define the status of a relationship

How to break up amicably

Session #6: Body and Seduction Language

Session #7: Men’s emotional needs

Session #8: Women’s emotional needs


Want to know more or not sure if it's for you? Book a free clarity call HERE



montreal dating
VIP Day - Date coaching

VIP Day (full day) Intensive

Absolute VIP Day    


Attract your soulmate. This is a skype or phone intensive date coaching day of five 60-minute sessions + 15 minute breaks after each hour.


Learn the language, understand the patterns. Questions to ask on the first dates. What not to say or how to say it. Are you divulging too much or not enough? Get out of your comfort zone as I will watch and observe you and identify mistakes that may be hindering your success.


Bonus: Get a Style Makeover

Bonus: Obtain a complete 30-day Action Plan

Written Feedback Report so you can go back to your notes.



Absolute VIP Day + In person Mock Date 


Get an evaluation of everything you have learned during your Absolute VIP Day over a mockdate.

(Montreal, Toronto, New York City only unless special arrangements) 


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Live Life, Experience Love!


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