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Looking For The One, Not Just Anyone!

Welcome Gentleman! 

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2. You will receive a link to book a confidential consultation to discuss your relationship goals. 


We help men age 28-80 seeking long-term relationships, marriage or casual dating.


We can successfully accommodate introductions raging from same age groups to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years age difference.

Exclusive. Curated. Guaranteed.

Why Clients Are Saying


"Having met other matchmakers in the past, and having been less than impressed with their

prowess and selection, it was a refreshing change to meet Natacha. From the start, she was extremely attentive to my feelings and thoughts on dating and relationships and painstakingly wrote everything down. She asked for pics of previous relationships to serve as a benchmark for

my tastes in women. She seemed very intuitive and very committed to her clients happiness. I have already been introduced to two women, both of whom meet my high standards for

intelligence, appearance, and decorum. All in a space of two weeks. As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding" and so far Natacha has not disappointed. "


"Dear Natacha,

Unlike many people, I registered with you to benefit from your coaching services rather than taking advantage of your matchmaking services. I wanted to reflect on where I was in the

present - and given the fact that I will soon be 60 in a few weeks, I figured it was probably the best gift I could give myself. I would like to tell you that your coaching service is above and beyond my expectations. "


"Hi Natacha!


I want you to know Samantha and I got engaged to be married this week. We are both very excited and super happy.


Thank you again for making this match. Samantha is the love of my life and we are both grateful you facilitated our meeting. 


I hope you are well and happy!"


"I cannot say enough about Natacha Noel and Millionaire Search! The effort she makes on behalf of her clients is truly second to none. I greatly appreciate the time and attention she gives to understanding each individual through her in-depth approach as well as her ability to recognize quality and compatibility. She is confident, professional, knowledgeable, very funny, and, most importantly... human! She makes the process easy through her empathetic, relatable manner and is also a valuable relationship coach. I consider myself very lucky to have been in Natacha's capable hands and credit her with introducing me to the best relationship of my life. Do not hesitate to take control of your love life and reach out to Natacha! I guarantee you will not regret it."

Matchmaking Designed For You

Men age 28-75 and Women 23-65

Our clients and female members are mostly located in metropolitan areas and are citizens or residents of the USA or Canada or Europe. We have a strong presence in NYC, New Jersey, Montreal, Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver.  We have a growing database and partners across North America and Europe and Asia for those seeking international matchmaking abroad.

Seeking either long-term relationships, marriage or casual dating including open relationships.

Who is our service designed for?

Our women range from 23-65+ and come from several backgrounds, from real estate agents, to doctors, dentists, project managers, models, entrepreneurs, actresses, nurses, teachers, etc. Our members are of every ethnic background and all religious faiths from Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle eastern, Asian, African American, Caribbean, Mixed race, Christians. We have great relationships with the women in our database who find us through word of mouth, Google search, social media, advertising or PR efforts.

Who are the women? Where do we find them?

Although matchmaking is a process, we have a ruly unique way of making introductions that stand the test of time. We look forward to listening to your needs and searching for that significant other that you are meant to find.

Our process is thorough and fast. You could meet someone in as little as 48 hours or a few weeks depending on who you are and what you are looking for. We have devoted our careers to handpick the most desirable women and only work with clients we feel we will have success matching. 

Quality Introductions sure to surpass your expectations!

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