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Friday November 13, 2015



Three millionaires ARE LOOKING FOR their absolute soulmates
























Are your days as a bachelor or bachelorette numbered?



A call to all single men and women who are looking for their soulmate: professional matchmaker Natacha Noël will hold a special Meet & Greet in Toronto on Friday, November 13th, 2015 to find the perfect match for three of her millionaire clients.


Those interested in building a serious relationship are invited to attend the Meet & Greet where each guest will have the opportunity to meet Noël.


The selected candidates will subsequently benefit from a free two-hour consultation with Noël (a $250 value), which will allow them to build their profiles and join Absolute Bachelor Club.


Date:                      Friday, November 13, 2015

Time:                      Noon to 8 pm.

Place:                      Sevan Art Gallery
                              619A Yonge St, Toronto, ON, Second Floor






To participate:  

1) Fill out the below questionnaire

2) Attend Absolute Bachelor Club's Meet & Greet at the above date and time.




Bachelor 1


Authentic, down-to-earth, and solid as an oak in his values, this man in his mid-forties thrives on intimacy.


He loves real conversations, where honest feelings are shared. In fact, he finds the label of “millionaire” shallow because he truly believes that his real wealth comes from being in touch with who he is. He values peace of mind highly, and takes total responsibility for how happy he is. If a woman can’t connect with these ideas, she won’t be able to connect with him.


A real estate developer who has never married or had children, this man knows how to have a good time. He loves movies, music, dining out, dressing up for special events, suntanning, and walks.


Honest, trustworthy, reliable, he is looking for a woman who is both conservative and sexy. When they meet, there has to be a spark.


And then it just has to feel right.



Bachelor 2


This loving and generous Mid-forties man will be your ever respectful best friend, lover, and partner.


Active and adventurous, he enjoys traveling and has a very good sense of humour. Besides working out regularly, he likes cycling, tennis, and beach sports. For more leisurely fun, he enjoys cooking and watching movies.


Passionate about life, he expects his partner to be a passionate woman looking for complicity and willing to make their relationship a priority. She’ll be a woman who likes to take care of herself, and she’ll enjoy good restaurants, wine, and traveling as much as he does.


Bachelorette 3


Passionate, articulate, and refined, this woman in her mid-twenties manages a family business while studying interior and architectural design.  


Driven and goal-oriented, she also likes to relax by travelling, skiing, and spending time with those she loves.


Having children is definitely in her plans. She values the traditional role of the woman who brings up her own children. She has a great openness to a variety of activities ranging from attending professional conferences to grow her expertise, on the one hand, to attending auto races. She’s really into cars!


The man she’s looking is a tall, handsome, financially secure person, a gentleman in all senses of the word. Like her, he expresses himself well, brings passion and care to his work and daily life, and has a gentle and sweet disposition.


Welcome to


Upscale Matchmaking and Personal Search

Live Life, Experience Love!


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