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Hi Natacha,


I wasn't sure if I should bother you on the weekend or by phone, so I thought I would follow up with you by email.  Is that ok?


My date with Brian was really fun!  I was kind of shy and awkward at first. We had a really quick drink and went right to the dance class.  I was in work clothes though, I had to come right from work.  The class was so fun! He's a really great dancer.  We went for drinks after, which was also fun.  We were laughing a lot and it was great getting to know him. 


I had so much fun though and the whole dancing thing is a huuuuuuuge plus for me. It's one of those qualities I always wanted in a man but never thought I would find.  So, I'm meeting him again Wednesday.


Please let me know your thoughts,



Hello Natacha,

Thank you for match with Veronica!

I had a wonderful evening with Veronica at Annie's by the water!

She is by far the most interesting and attractive woman I have met in a long time. I was very happy to meet her, she is exactly what I look for in a woman; a kind soul, maternal, funny, sweet, sexy, intelligent and a natural beauty!

Since we only met once, I cannot be too excited about the future unless you tell me she wants a second date!

Then I will be very excited and looking forward to seeing her again! Veronica  is like a beautiful flower that needs light to bloom! 

I would love to be the one that brightens up her day!

Best regards,


Testimonials about Frank Kermit's 

Emotional Needs Theory Workshop


" I found the workshop excellent. Great delivery and great humor on Frank Kermit’s. Absolute Bachelor Club helped me by carefully choosing whom to meet. I would recommend Frank Kermit’s Emotional Needs Theory Workshop to people who need any expansion of ideas! Knowledge is power! "



" The approach was clear, honest and applicable. It was a great experience and I will recommend this to all my single friends. "



" The examples of Frank reminded me of my own experiences, his sense of humor to explain a serious subject, the experience was a combo of real life examples and explanations. I would recommend the workshop to my friends. "



" I thought the information was very well delivered and that Frank is very entertaining and easy to relate to. I think more men need to hear what he has to say and I would recommend this workshop to guys, particularly, who can’t stay in relationships. It’s also eye-opening for girls because it gives up an objective perspective of why we do what we do or feel how we feel. "




" I liked the amount of examples given by frank. The experience was interesting. "




" I find the workshop very well organized and structured and I found the experience very interesting. I do recommend the workshop to others like some single ladies around me who are not sure about what they are looking for in a man. "



" It help me to understanding the needs between men and women and what I do wrong. I would definitively recommend Frank. "





" I found the workshop excellent! I particularly like the honesty of Frank Kermit’s approach. The experience was exceptional, I have to come back ! One thing I liked was the quality of service. Absolute Bachelor Club helped me by introducing me to amazing women. "




" I would recommend the workshop to others. "




" Very interesting presentation. It was never bored! I like that Frank Kermit’s using real examples on his approach. I would recommend the workshop to anyone single or in a new relationship. I found the experience very informative. I will definitely share the info with my husband. I would recommend Frank Kermit’s Emotional Needs Theory Workshop to people who need more information on how men and women think. "




" I liked the paint of view and the needs of each gender of Frank Kermit’s approach. I would recommend the workshop to people who need help in search and maintaining a relationship. "



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